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I had a lot of fun this semester writing blog posts on our class wordpress site. I have to say – I feel pretty confident in my blogging abilities now! I think the most fun part of blogging was thinking of creative titles to call my blog posts, for example “Back to School Blogging“, “The Facade of Sororities“, and “Analytically Lost” are among my favorite titles.

The more serious part of blogging actually comes from what is inside the posts themselves. One of my favorite blog posts I wrote is titled “BBBOOOOSHZ“, where I analyzed how two authors, Barry and Tan, learn to unlearn lessons of their past. This was a very personal post for me, as learning to unlearn having stereotypes about people was a hard process for me.

Another post that I felt was fairly analytical is “Anti-Laziness, Pro Cliché“, where I analyzed the diction of authors in two different articles as I decided which article I thought was the better written article. I think my ability to analyze the arguments in articles for my blog posts also helped me analyze arguments for my essays. For my blog posts I broke down the arguments and I had to choose the evidence that best demonstrated why or why not I believed an argument worked. Since I had to be very picky of evidence in my blog posts, I was able to then develop the skill needed to analyze larger amounts of texts, such as Hjortshoj’s essay I used for my analysis paper.

In addition, I think commenting on my peer’s blog posts also enhanced my writing experience. In order to comment on someone else’s post it was imperative that I read their essays and first found their argument, and then their evidence and analysis for their blog post. Developing my ability to analyze my peer’s blog posts in the end helped me write my essays because I had to be able to pick out what was important and then comment about it. My comments ranged from agreeing with an argument to challenging an argument of my peer. It was a lot of fun to comment, and I looked more forward to blogging when I was able to read what others wrote as well!

If you would like to access all of my blog entries, click here!


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This is a place for me to keep all of my work from my Writing 100 class that I took with Professor Jennifer Metsker.

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