Proposal for Argumentative Essay

Happy Friday! It’s so nice to be able to sit at my desk, looking out at the Martha Cook courtyard, and blog online. How cool is that?

For my research paper, I am planning to write about requirements in college. After our presentation at the library the other day, I realized that I should be writing about a specific college requirement, such as the language or math requirements. On that note, should I just focus on requirements at the University of Michigan? Unfortunately although that may be the most interesting topic, I am unsure as to how much research I could actually conduct about the feelings towards Michigan’s course requirements, and why they actually work or don’t work.

Yesterday in class we wrote a few different questions that aim to help us direct the arguments of our essays. I think my main question will be, “Are required course credits beneficial to the development of students as individuals, or would students be better off taking courses that they are interested in?” I’m hoping that it will be something like that, and that I will be able to find sufficient research to back up my question and beliefs.

I think that for my research I will definitely ask some of the girls at my dorm to fill out a google survey as to how they feel they have been impacted by college course requirements. As for my other two main sources, I will use online databases, such as ProQuest and… it appears that the other database I was using for research was “EBSCO”. I have actually sent myself about 30 articles that seemed like they have relevant topics to my argument, although the topics are all over the place. Some talk about requirements for disabled students, others talk about language and math requirements. Some talk about the need for more requirements… I need to go through all of the research and narrow it down, and find links between at least two or three of the articles. I also hope to find an article that provides a great counterargument, depending on which way I plan to argue about requirements.


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